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Selasa, 14 November 2017

Nama Bahan Kimia:
Triammonium Citrate / Ammonium Citrate Tribasic / Triamonium Sitrat (C6H17N3O7) AR 500g

Harga: Rp.900.000,00

Info dan Pemesanan: Call/ WA 085779721597, 081280824070

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Keterangan Lain:

Triammonium Citrate (Ammonium Citrate Tribasic) is widely utilized as a buffering agent and emulsifier in food industry. It acts as a complexing agent in electroplating industry and is also used for metal surface cleaning. It is employed in chemical analysis and in water treatment. It serves as a chemical reagent in analytical chemistry to determine the efficient phosphate levels in phosphate salts and fertilizer.

Triammonium Citrate used in industries for water treatment, as a ceramic dispersant, a detergent material and a component for soil improvement. It is used in medical and electronics industries as an auxiliary infiltration agent.

Berat : 500 gram

Tingkat Mutu: AR (Analitical Reagent) atau PA (Pure Analysis)


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